Strip Packaging Machine

The fully automatic PPSI Strip Packaging Machine is designed to package capsules, caplets, tablets and softgel into foil strips. These products are automatically fed in between two foil strips that are pressed by a pair of heat sealing rollers to contain the product into air-tight pockets.

One of the most important feature is the blind detector and segregator system which ensures the final strips are free from blind pockets.

The basic machine is flexible as it can be used across a variety of solid dosage forms. Be it capsule, caplet, tablet or softgel, the machine can be used with the appropriate automatic feeding system and heat sealing rollers customized to the specification of each product.


Automatic Feeding System


Capsule Feeder System

Capsules and softgel require a Capsule Feeder System. It consists of a Hopper, Feed tubes and Reciprocating feeder. The capsules/ softgel are loaded into the hopper and find its way into the feed tubes through the reciprocating motion of the feeder. With finger gates controlling the flow of products, it drops precisely into the foil for immediate sealing.

Vibrator Feeder System           

Regularly shaped tablets and caplets require a Vibrator Feeder System. It consists of a Hopper, Vibrating Bowl and Feedtrack. The products are loaded into the Hopper which funnels it into the Vibrating Bowl. The vibrating motion of the bowl mobilizes the products to queue into the Feedtrack. The finger gates then control the flow of each product as it drops precisely into the foil for immediate sealing.

Rotating Disc Feeder

Tablets that are too small or irregularly-shaped require a Rotating Disc Feeder System. It consists of a Hopper, Rotating Disc Assembly and Feed Chute. From the Hopper, the products fall into slots on the disc. As the disc rotates, the products are carried and then dropped through the Feed Chutes. Finger gates are not necessary, as the products directly drop into the foil for immediate sealing. All these are precisely timed and sequenced with the sealing operation.


  • Adjustable stripping speed with digital controls
  • Automatic thermostat temperature control for all heaters
  • Blind pocket detector and segregator system
  • Mill roll assembly equipped with automatic web tension compensators
  • Heavy duty design with low maintenance requirements ideal for long work shifts
  • Stainless steel 304 machine body cover
  • Available in 4-row sealing or 8-row sealing

Output rate:

  • up to 36,000 capsules/tablets per hour for 4-row machine
  • up to 72,000 capsules/tablets per hour for 8-row machine

Packaging Materials:

  • Heat-sealable films and foil laminates (OPP/PE,PET/PE/AL/PE,NYLON/PE,PAPER/PE,etc.)


  • Pharmaceutical, Veterinary

Technical Details

  4-row sealing 8-row sealing
output* in tablets or capsules/ hour up to 36000 up to 72000
roller speed (rpm) 15-30 15-30
max. roller diameter (mm) 100 100
max. roller length (mm) 180 300
length (m) 1.8 1.91
width (m) 0.98 1.05
height (m) 2.26 2.26
net weight (kg) 700 900
rated power (kW) 7 7
Facility Requirement
operating voltage (V) 220 – 240, AC (60 Hz) 220 – 240, AC (60 Hz)
operating pressure (bar) 3-5 3-5
*dependent on number of stripping pockets or cavities, stripping columns and motor speed

Product Photos

  • Tablet feedtrack for 8 rows
  • 761
  • Capsule and softgel feeder system
  • 752
  • Vibrator feeder system for tablets
  • 756
  • Foil holders and printing system
  • 758
  • Easy adjustment of sealing rollers using tool-free adjustable knobs
  • 759
  • Blind pocket detectors
  • 763
  • Blind pocket segregator