Bottle Blowing Machine


As part of the bottle preparation process, before filling, the Flip-type Bottle Blowing Machine delivers pressurized air to the internal and external parts of the bottle to remove any foreign material that may have settled in it. The machine has a Bottle Flipper System which inverts the bottles while the Blower Assembly shoots an average of 6-8 bars of pressurized air to rid the bottles of particulates.

The machine can be integrated with an Unscrambler table to feed bottles onto the machine.


  • Complies with cGMP standards
  • Stainless steel 304 machine body cover and conveyor
  • Fully enclosed blowing chamber to prevent contamination of the surrounding environment
  • Horizontally reciprocating nozzle action to accomplish internal and external bottle cleaning
  • Bottles are blown in an inverted position, ensuring maximum cleaning
  • Blowing air filtered to 0.01 microns with 99.9999% filter efficiency
  • Bottle gates are designed for quick and easy adjustment
  • Sanitary conveyor design
  • Minimal changeover requirements (for different product volume, just change the nozzles if necessary)
  • Quick and easy changeovers through hand tightened locks and simple tool-assisted adjustments
  • Cleaning is easy through highly accessible machine parts and removable nozzles
  • Optional dust collector machine, or connection for facility supplied vacuum

Output rate:

  • up to 70 bottles per minute (bpm) for single row and 120 bpm- for double row


  • ideal for 10ml – 500ml regularly-shaped plastic or glass bottles


  • Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Veterinary, Chemicals, Beverage

Technical Details

output in bottles / hour* Up to 7200
bottle volume (cm³) 10 - 500
length** (m) excluding conveyor 1.33
width (m) 0.87
height (m) 1.53
net weight (kg) 500
rated power (kW) 1.5
Facility Requirement
operating voltage (V) 220 – 240, AC (60 Hz)
operating pressure (bar) 6-8
*may vary depending on bottle size
** may vary depending on specified conveyor length

Product Photos

  • Enclosed blowing chamber
  • 792
  • Bottle gates
  • 793
  • Control panel
  • 794
  • Air filters