Vacuum Filling Machine

The Vacuum Liquid Filling Machine can perform the fill operation in two ways.


If the container is rigid, a Vacuum Induced Filling Process is more appropriate since it will not collapse when performing as part of the vacuum system. In this type, the bottle opening is sealed air-tight by the nozzle assembly which simultaneously opens the vacuum port of the nozzle. The filling liquid is then induced into the bottle due to the vacuum. After the appropriate filling time and level has been reached, the nozzle assembly is automatically raised.


If the container is collapsible which is typical of thin-walled PET bottles, then a Positive and Vacuum Pressure Filling Process is appropriate. The difference of this process is that the filling liquid is pumped into the bottle and not filled through the suctioning of a vacuum. The vacuum cannot be used because the bottle will collapse as air is suctioned out from it. The vacuum operation only begins when the bottles are already filled with the product with the purpose of returning the excess product back to the source tank.

This machine can be supplied with 12 to 20 filling nozzles based on the customer’s output requirement and container specifications.


  • Stainless steel 316 nozzles with spring-loaded bottle centering guides to ensure consistent vacuum sealing
  • Maximum of 20 nozzles for high capacity filling
  • Pneumatic cylinder driven nozzle lifting and lowering
  • Single height adjustment lever for simultaneous adjustment of all nozzle heights
  • Stainless steel 316 vacuum chamber with sight-glass
  • Machine parts that come in contact with the product is made of stainless steel 316
  • Stainless steel 304 machine body cover
  • Automatic chamber flushing to prevent vacuum chamber overflow
  • Timing and operation sequence dictated by a Programmable Logic Controller, for consistent and accurate operation
  • No bottle, no fill operation
  • Quick changeovers made possible by hand tightened locks and simple tool-assisted adjustments
  • Minimal changeover requirements (for different product volume, just change the nozzles if necessary)
  • Easy cleaning through highly accessible machine parts and removable filling nozzles
  • Comes with sanitary conveyor
  • Majority of moving components are pneumatic-driven, resulting in less maintenance requirements and mechanical wear
  • Option for pump and vacuum combination for collapsible containers

Output rate:

  • Up to 70 bottles per minute


  • Ideal for 30ml – 500ml regularly-shaped glass or plastic bottles

Products (application):

  • Free-flowing liquid, not sensitive to aeration


  • Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Veterinary, Beverage

output in bottles / hour Up to 4200
fill range (cm3) 30 - 500
length* (m) excluding conveyor 1.95
width (m) 1.30
height (m) 2.08
net weight (kg) 900
rated power (kW) 4
Facility Requirement
operating voltage (V) 220 – 240, AC (60 Hz)
operating pressure (bar) 5-7
*may vary depending on conveyor length