Pharma Packaging Solutions Inc. (PPSI) specializes in the fabrication of packaging machines widely used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, veterinary and consumer industry. Our founder, Charlie Bodestyne has been partnering with various clients from the aforementioned industries since 1988, providing them with tailor-fit products that help reach their productivity goals.

The company has established its name as a capable and dependable supplier of packaging machines for leading local and multinational firms in the country, as well as delivering on export orders from international firms.

Precision, Quality, Reliability and Simplicity are our guiding principles in designing and fabricating machines. We make sure that our customers’ requirements are thoroughly discussed to customize the machine design to their specifications. Our facility is equipped with state of the art as well as conventional equipment that can precisely fabricate the needed design.

High quality raw materials and components are used in construction to ensure consistent machine operation during long work shifts. Reliability is of major importance as we understand that our clients cannot afford frequent down times that affect their high production quotas. We believe that simplicity in design leads to a more reliable operation and easier troubleshooting. That is why we gravitate to simpler designs that deliver the needed requirements of our clients.

Moreover, we pride ourselves with client-oriented service that translates to quick and effective client support. Through the years, we have helped our clients meet their targeted production quotas through equipment that increase output volume and minimize product rejects. Our unyielding passion, in-depth and accumulated experience, drive us to provide better solutions.


To work in partnership with our clients in achieving higher levels of productivity by providing reliable and practical solutions.


To be a global supplier of reliable, high quality and economical packaging equipment.